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From Luke Madison:

Dear Friend,

If you want to make a substantial income from a legitimate work from home job, then an excellent opportunity exists for you right now.

The world's #1 most visited video chat site is currently seeking male, female, and transgender video chat performers in one of the most lucrative work-from-home job opportunities on the internet.

This is an adult oriented job, so if you don't mind being an exhibitionist on webcam, then you can make $1000 every week working from, even if you have no webcam modeling experience!

How Does It Work?

Your task as an adult webcam model (also known as a webcam performer) will entail chatting with potential customers in free chat, followed by entertaining them with a live webcam feed in private sex chat. There is no nudity in free chat but during a private show, you customers will expect you to flirt, strip, and masterbate. Of course, what you do in private chat is completely up to you.

Webcam performers are paid by the minute. How much you charge your customers is your choice but most models charge $1.99 to $5.99 per minute -- clearly a high earning potential with as little as 2-3 hours a day!

Performers are paid bi-weekly by check, wire transfer, or through a secure online payment processor such as Payoneer -- so getting paid has never been easier!

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"I love meeting a different people and if you don't mind getting naked and doing sexy things for strangers it can be a very lucrative choice not to mention a lot of fun! Its like a career from heaven"!

- Natalia Nova


"The attention and the money are great. Every girl wants to be in the limelight, slathered in flattery, and get paid to be themselves. I make more on webcam than any other job I’ve ever done; even after getting my degree."

- "Never Nude"


"We thought it might be a was just too easy. I made $1800 in my first two weeks and when I got that first paycheck and it was REAL money...I was hooked!"

- Emma Lovett

Why Become a Webcam Performer?

Financial Freedom

camgirl money

70% of new LiveJasmin performers make $2500-$4500 in their very first month working 20-25 hours/week!

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Privacy and Safety


Protect your privacy by controlling who sees your webcam by blocking specific states and/or countries!

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Be Your Own Boss

money home

Set your own cost per minute and earn $50-$100/hour performing live shows from your bedroom!

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Get Started Today!

Becoming a webcam performer is safe, risk-free, and FREE to register! If you have a computer, webcam, and internet connection, you can get started NOW with the #1 most visited video chat site in 4 simple steps. For registration details, follow this step-by-step registration guide.

Need More Research?

For the latest camming tips and webcam job reviews, visit my Camming Blog or check out the cam model resources below.

In case you want a guide that's even better than this, do check out my friend's great guide on how to become a cam girl, as it's really the best one I ever read - I'm not just telling you this because she's my friend.

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