Webcam Modeling Secrets - Applying The Law of Attraction

By Luke Madison

livejasmin modelYou can learn a lot about being a successful webcam model by watching how other models chat in LiveJasmin Free Chat.

When I watch models interact with visitors, I see all types of styles and personalities. Some are stunningly beautiful, others are "average." Some are smiley and convey a sense of fun and playfulness, while others look like they have a thousand other things they would rather be doing.

There's something that every new model must know. It's something that's obvious, yet not easily recognized by others.

It's known as The Law of Attraction. In a nutshell, The Law of Attraction states that the energy you put out in the world will be paid back to you tenfold. Sure, this might sound like some new-age mumbo jumbo, but when look at it from a practical view, it makes perfect sense.

Imagine your typical paying member -- he just got home from a hard day at work, he's stressed and needs a distraction. So he logs onto his LiveJasmin account and starts browsing through the list of models currently online. He finds a girl that grabs hit attention -- sexy outfit, long jet-black hair, and curves that trigger instant attraction. Yet she doesn't hold his attention for long. Why? Because she looks bored. She looks like she's "working."

So he keeps looking until he finds that someone who really shines to him. She might not be as attractive, but she's fun, spontaneous, and has an alluring personality. She's smiling and looks like she's genuinely enjoying flirting with him. It's as if her upbeat energy radiates through her webcam right on to his computer screen. His mood is instantly lifted and, not surprisingly, he's more than happy to pay for some private time with her.

Emotions are extremely contagious. Paying customers will like you for how you make them feel. One of the most common questions I'm asked by people wanting to become a livejasmin performer are things like "Am I sexy enough?" or "Am I too fat?" One of the best kept webcam modeling secrets is that paying customers are looking for more than just a sexy chick. What they really want is a chance to get to interact with you and get to know you as an individual. Don't get me wrong, looks can help you a lot, but they are by no means the most important thing.

When I see a model sitting there looking bored, I notice two things. One is that there are very few people chatting with her, and the other is that I want to leave the chat room right away. But when I see an upbeat, bubbly girl, I notice the exact opposite things.

Most webcam models have the mindset of "I will only start working when someone starts paying" while others think "I like having fun and flirting with visitors, even if it's free chat."

So don't just sit there and wait. Instead, put out your positive energy for everyone to see. Funny enough, when you pretend to be upbeat, you actually start to feel happier! And when you feel happier, more customers will take you private.

Apply this Law of Attraction in your life today and expect good things to follow.

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