Top 10 Webcam Modeling Tips

Your earnings as a webcam model will depend on your ability to entice customers into private shows, and keep them coming back for more. Below are 10 simple tips for beginner LiveJasmin performers. I've also linked them to my camming tips blog posts for more "advanced" strategies on maximizing your earnings. You can also find some tips for us cam girls, that served me well, on my friend Olga's blog.

#1 - Get Repeat Customers

Viewers will like you for how you make them feel. Try to use positive language, both verbal and non-verbal.  Connect with your customers on an emotional level. Make them feel good about themselves so that they remember you and come back for repeat visits. (Read Give a Great Private Show!)

#2 - Set The Scene

Many performers are missing out on huge opportunities by neglecting the importance of their environment. Make an effort to make your environment as sexy and appealing as possible. If you're performing on your bed, choose bright colored linen that compliment your outfits. Use proper lighting to accentuate your sex appeal, and keep distracting elements that may direct attention away from you out of your webcam view. (Read Sexy Environment with Proper Lighting and Cam Modeling Outside the Bedroom.)

#3 - Don’t be Lazy

Don’t just sit in front of your webcam in the same position with a non-responsive, bored look on your face. This will only make your viewers want to move on to a more accommodating model. Instead, have fun while you work and capture your client's attention with your sexy smile and fllirtatious personality. (Read How To Make More Money and Have More Fun!)

#4 - Display Arousing Picture

Display your sexiest photo of yourself, but not too provocative. Your photo will be the first thing that customers will see when surfing through the list of online model profiles. Those who post the most alluring photos generally have higher earning potential. You might even consider getting a professional photo taken as this can give you a huge competitive edge against other cam models. (Read How To Create An Attractive Cam Model Profile).

#5 - Flirt and Tease

Flirt with your words and personality. Convey your sexual prowess to your customers by teasing and seducing them. Look into the camera to give your viewers a sense of rapport. Smile seductively, and often. Use your body language in desirable and provocative ways to make yourself as desirable as possible. (Read Think Like a Porn Star! and Tease To Please, But Not Too Much!)

#6 - Look Sexy

It's called webcam modeling for a reason. You don’t have to look like an air-brushed hollywood star to make top dollars as a webcam model, but you want to make yourself as sexy and visually appealing as possible. Wear makeup, earrings, and have your hair done. Wear sexy clothes such as lingerie, sexy costumes, or see through clothing, and anything else you think will catch the attention of your viewers.

#7 - Personalize The Fantasy

In free chat, engage your clients interest by using their real names. Remembering their names and talking to them on a personal level helps you build an emotional connection and invokes a sense of reality. During private shows, be responsive to their requests. Moan their names. Make them feel like you're in the same room with them. This is a guaranteed way to keep them wanting more. (Read How To Get More Minutes In LiveJasmin Private Shows and Understand Your Customers.)

#8 - Set Your Schedule

Let your clients know when you'll be back online whether it's in a few hours, or another day. You'll be surprised at how many clients will come back to see you at the exact time you told them. And when you do tell them a time and day, make sure you're on time. This helps personalize the fantasy and makes them feel that you're looking forward to their next visit.

#9 - Double Your Earnings

Assuming that you’re performing to make money and not just to have fun, it’s important to utilize your time so that you’re spending as much time as possible making money in private chat.  The easiest way to do this is to sign up to multiple webcam sites. This way you can potentially earn twice as much money in the same amount of time. (Read Multiple Webcam Sites at the Same Time.)

#10 - Set Realistic Goals

Models who don’t set targets and strive to achieve them will not fail, but it’s still more profitable to have a clearly defined target in mind. Be driven by your desire for wanting more. Top performing models can regularly make over $10,000/month, but for a new webcam performer, a realistic first month goal is $1500 to $2500 working 2-3 hours a day. Of course it all depends on how much time you spend performing private shows. If you work more, you will earn more. (Read Getting Motivated.)

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