When most LiveJasmin performers and webcam models think about camming, they think of going online to flirt, strip, and deal with abusive jerks:  just put in the time, ignore the haters, and collect your paycheck.  The models who’ve really “figured it out” will earn their living without even taking it the stripping level (read my interview with “Never Nude”).  It just goes to show that successful webcam models come in many forms — this isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of job.

I’ve always pushed the idea that your personality is your most important skill in selling private shows.  But it’s also true that webcam models who ACT like dirty little sluts also do very well in the private room.  I’ve received a couple emails from porn stars looking to make the transition into the adult webcam world.  Not surprisingly, they had no problems making the transition.

If the idea of getting online to perform makes you nervous, you’re not alone.  Your webcam is turned on.  You’re looking your sexiest.  And you’re about to be taken into private where you will be told to perform sexual acts by a random stranger online.  Assuming you’re performing solo, you are safe in the comfort of your home, yet the free chat room makes you feel as if you’re performing for an audience!

A good idea for any new webcam model is to think like a porn star.  Underneath all the social programming and religious bullshit, lies an inner slut completely uninhibited and waiting to be liberated.  I don’t care if you’re a guy, girl, straight, or gay, we are all sexual creatures.

So how do you act like a porn star in front of your webcam?  Release your “Inner Slut.” That’s how!

Of course, this is only webcam modeling.  Your job is to simply “act” like a slut.  Here’s some porn star behavior that will convince your customers that you are worthy of their money.

Eye Contact

Sexy eye contact can be extremely arousing!  When you’re online, you should be looking directly into your customer’s eyes.   That is, look into your webcam.  This will make him feel like you’re “together.”  Make sure your webcam is set close enough to your bed or wherever you perform to make him feel “close” to you.  From time to time, lean in towards the camera and lick your lips and give him a kiss.  Do this as if he’s right in front of you.

Voice Tone

Speaking slower is sexier.  Deliberately slow down your voice as if you’re talking to your boyfriend/girlfriend at the most intimate times.  As you get more excited, your voice tone should reflect this.  Moan as you continue to excite yourself.  As excitement escalates, so should your breathing and moaning.

Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is one of the webcam model’s most powerful tools.  A camgirl or camboy who knows how to effectively use dirty talk can earn more money with less effort.  There are no limits to how far you can take it, though it’s good to start off slowly and build it up:

  • “I’m getting so hot and horny right now…”
  • “I haven’t had my pussy pounded for way too long…”
  • “I want you to fuck my little ass, Daddy!”
  • “Treat me like the dirty little slut that I am!”
  • “I want you to shoot your hot load all over my face!”

Combining effective dirty talk with seductive eye contact and body language is VERY hot.  Don’t be surprised if you double your time in private chat using these techniques alone!


Whether you fake your orgasm or not makes no difference.  What’s important is your perceived pleasure.  One way you can extend your time in private chat is to extend your fake orgasm.  Just when he’s thinks you’re about to cum, tell him:

  • “Baby, I’m gonna cum soon…” (continue to masterbate)
  • “Baby, I’m going to cum so fucking hard…” (continue to masterbate)
  • “Oh God…fuck…” (moan and masterbate more)
  • “Baby, you gonna cum with me?” (make strong eye contact and continue to masterbate)

If you’re performing on LiveJasmin, you already know you get paid per minute.  And once you’re about to orgasm, there’s almost zero chance they will stop paying you at this point.  Build up slowly to the orgasm and extend it as long as you can.

Guys have an added level of difficulty here since it’s harder to fake orgasm.  Your goal is to keep erect and have them believe you are just about to shoot your load:

  • “I’m getting close…”
  • “Oh God, I can’t take it much longer…”
  • “God, I want to cum so fucking bad…”
  • “It’s coming…oh fuck…”

Then when you do cum, keep the show going!  Now is the perfect time to extend your private time with some “cum play” for your customers.


Many customers will stay in private even after your sex show is finished.  They may want to ask you questions and get to know you better.  Now you can give them the “girlfriend experience” (or “boyfriend experience”).  This bonding time AFTER your sex show could mean the difference between a one-timer and a repeat regular client.  Not every guy is only interested in sex.  Many will want to chat afterwards as well.  If you can make him feel as if he’s your favorite, there’s a good chance he will be back.

Webcam modeling is all about the details.  And you don’t have to be a porn star to become a successful webcam performer.  With practice, you’ll start developing your own style and techniques.  And as you continue to build your sexual confidence, you will notice yourself enjoying your online work more.

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