Most cam models will only perform in the bedroom.  Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, and if you set up a sexy bedroom environment (see my Sexy Environment with Proper Light post), then you probably don’t need to be so adventurous.

That said, a key factor to keeping customers entertained is VARIETY.  It’s also important in keeping your regulars coming back for more. Setting up your webcam stream OUTSIDE of the bedroom can spice things up and give you a huge advantage over the other models.  Since nearly every other webcam model is performing on their bed, this is an fast way to get the attention of visitors.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is very adventurous, even taboo, and is a perfect spot for a private show.  During free chat, you can tease your visitors by wrapping yourself in a towel and saying “I’m going to be a very naught girl in the bathroom, who wants to cum watch me (fill in blank here)?”

Once in the bathroom, you can run water over your pussy or use soap to lather your body (this is hot for your viewers and they most likely have NEVER had any camgirl do this for them!)  If you’ve got a bit of a kinky side, you can shave, have a bath, take a piss, or any other voyeur-type avenue that will excite your clients and keep the fantasy alive.

The Kitchen

Setting up your webcam in the kitchen allows your viewers to indulge in other fetishes.  You can wear a slutty apron (and nothing else) and cook and strip at the same time.  You can rub food on yourself while you cook, such as pouring chocolate syrup on your breasts, then seductively licking your fingers as you look into your webcam.  You can then finish off by bending over and playing with yourself (with or without the apron).


The above examples might seem extreme — obviously you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.  The point is that you want to keep things exciting for you and your clients. So don’t be afraid to mix it up and perform in new and exciting places.  Just watch out for your neighbors if you decide to go online in the patio or backyard