In Part 1 of Getting Motivated, I talked about two motivation strategies: TOWARDS and AWAY FROM.  Assuming you read it, you should now have a good idea of which strategy tends to motivate you.

Now take a minute and think about what your motivation for webcam modeling is.  Maybe you’re motivated TOWARDS paying off tuition or moving into a nicer apartment.  Maybe you’re motivated AWAY FROM your demanding boss and tedious 9-5 job.  Or maybe you just want some extra spending money to buy a new iPhone.  Whatever the goal is, it’ll be easier to get motivated when you have something specific in mind.

Now think about what achieving this goal would really mean to you?  Don’t rush it, spend a few minutes and really think about this.  Sometimes one word will come to mind like “freedom” or “success.”  Sometimes it will take the form of a phrase such as “I want to have a better life” or “I want to prove to myself I can do this.”  The more vivid you can envision achieving this goal, the more compelled you’ll be towards taking action.

Getting motivated is a skill, and skills are learned.  Below is my 3 step process for getting motivated and taking action.

Step 1 — Write Down Your Goal

A clearly defined and specific goal is much more compelling than a vague or general goal.  For example, “Make $2000 by end of month” is better than “I want to make more money.”  Once you have a clearly defined goal written down, post it somewhere you will see it every day, like next to your computer.  Go ahead, do it now!

Step 2 — Schedule & Commit

Now that you have a clear goal in mind, you need to schedule time.  For me, I decided to turn off the TV and spend that time online instead.  A couple hours every day doesn’t sound like much, but over a few months, that’s close to 200 hours of work!  (Just imagine how much you could achieve in one year working from home as a cam model by simply switching off the TV for a couple hours a day.)  It can be helpful to get a monthly planner to schedule your online work.  Better yet, just set your schedule on your online profile.  This way your clients will know when they can chat with you online.

Step 3 — Take Massive Action

Most people think that you need to be motivated before you can take action.  The truth is that it’s the other way around: When you take action, you become motivated.  And as you start to see results, you become even more motivated.  Taking action comes FIRST!  Ask yourself “What steps do I have to do TODAY to get closer to this goal?” (you wrote it down, right?)  Remember, every step forward gets you closer to your goal.

If you follow this 3 step process, you will get results.  All successful people know that great success always starts with taking the first step.  Getting motivated isn’t rocket science, and it’s something everyone can learn to do.  Life is short.  Make the best of it.

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