One of my readers sent me a great tip on how to get more private time.  It has to do with how much you should “give” in free chat.

The problem I see with many struggling webcam models is not giving enough — minimal flirting, not enough sexy non-verbal communication, just sit there with the camera pointed as their torso while waiting for someone to pay for private (read my posts on 4 Mistakes LiveJasmin Performers Make in Free Chat and Show Your Face).

On the other side of the spectrum, I see webcam performers that do the exact opposite: tease, dirty talk, strip, and give viewers TOO MUCH in free chat.

In my post Talk Your Way Rich, I talked about the importance of connecting emotionally to your viewers by using a microphone.  This is a MUST for any career-minded cam model.  But there’s a potential drawback here.  Here’s what my reader The Goof had to say about one of her first experiences in free chat:

“I had over 40 guests in my room and 10 members and made two of them cum (that told me they had!) WTF?  I cant be doing that! they have to come into PRIVATE.. So chatting them up and saying TOO much and showing too much doesnt get you any privates”

Most members want to shop around before choosing a model to pay for a private show, so it can take some time to “make the sale.”  It might take a couple hours, even a couple weeks!  But if you keep giving them too much, they may NEVER pay you for private.  And really, why should they if they’re already getting off for free?

So there’s a balance act in effect, and sometimes you have to work on NOT “showing” and “telling” too much (read When To Say No).  When you get the hang of How To Give AND Take, you will make MORE money with LESS effort.

So, are you guilty of spoiling your visitors in free chat?  If so, maybe it’s time to play a little hard to get and let them spoil YOU instead.