You can learn a lot about web camming by watching how other models interact in free chat.  At any given time, you can find hundreds of performers chatting online with visitors.  (If you’re not sure if cam modeling is the right job for you, then the first thing you should do is watch LiveJasmin free chat here.)

When you visit free chat, you start to get an idea of what paying members are looking for.  One thing you’ll notice right away that many of the camgirls and camboys have their webcam pointed at their torso to keep their face out of webcam view.  The reason they do this is obvious — working in the adult industry is not something most people don’t want their friends and family to know about.

The problem though, is that you’re going to have to work much harder for tips and private time.  Think of it this way: as a cam model, you’re competing with hundreds of other models.  Why would anyone want to spend their hard earned dollars on you if they can choose more accommodating models that aren’t afraid to chat face-to-face?

Here’s the thinking: “Well, if I keep my face hidden, then they will really want to see me so they will pay me for private time.”  Unfortunately, that’s not usually how it works.  Here’s what members are most likely thinking: “Why is she scared to show her face?  Does she have a haggard face or something?”  He then your chat room and probably never comes back.

If you don’t want to show your face in free chat, then camming may not be right for you.  Sure, if you’ve got a great body and superb flirting skills, then you can make it work.  But many customers won’t risk paying for private if you don’t express your sexual confidence FIRST.

Cam modeling is about creating a fantasy for your viewers.  They want to SEE you.  They want to FEEL connected to you and the FANTASY.  Body language is a HUGE component to camming, and you’re missing out big time if your facial expressions are nowhere to be seen.

If you’re worried about someone recognizing you online, you’re not alone.  Here’s an easy way around this — sign up to LiveJasmin or CameraBoys since both these sites let you block your country by IP address.  This way you can be confident that your online profile and webcam will be blocked by anyone who lives in your country.

Now, it’s time to shine!  So put on your sexy clothes, switch on your fun personality, and watch the money flow in by showing ALL of yourself, including your flirty facial expressions.