In my last post, I talked about how to create an alluring persona that will attract more clients.  Today I want to expand on this idea, or more specifically, how to find your web cam model niche.

Niche.  The word is synonymous with the adult industry.  You have your “MILF” niche, your “Asian” niche, and just about every “fetish” imaginable.  The fetish niche is of particular interest for today’s topic.

During my time in Japan, I had the chance to check out one of Tokyo’s largest adult dvd stores.  The first thing I noticed was the sheer volume of dvds and how niche-specific they were organized.  I also noticed that the kinkier the dvd was, the more expensive it was.  (There were some rather disturbing scat videos — basically “shit and piss” porn — that were priced at well over $100 per dvd!)

One thing’s for sure: fetish niches sell!  And the more specific the niche, the more willing people are to pay top dollars.  What this means for niche web cam models is having the option to market yourself at higher costs per minute.

I recently read about a LiveJasmin performer who had her category changed from “fetish” to “girl” (LiveJasmin didn’t consider her particular kink — the color pink — a fetish).  She said that when her category had changed, her private minutes dropped by 50%, which tells you just how many paying members are browsing through the fetish category.

So, instead of trying to attract the masses with generic names like “HotBoy4U” or “SexyGirl69,” find your niche! Niche-specific names are highly targeted, meaning more members will pay you for private. If you know how to squirt put that in your name — something like “SchoolGirlSquirter” should do the trick.  If you’re a submissive, make it clear in your profile — something like “Slave4Sale” or “BondageQueen.”  If you have no problems with dildo anal play, you can call yourself “DildoMyAss.” 

A word to the wise: if you base your web cam model persona around anal play, or any other fetish, expect to get related requests.  In other words, only use “DildoMyAss” if you’re prepared to do it.  Of course, you’re the boss, and you are NEVER forced to say “yes” to any request you don’t feel comfortable with (read my post on when to say “no”).

So, if you get off playing with fantasies, and if like being entrusted with the feelings they evoke, then fetish camming will work for you.  There’s a demand for almost every web cam niche, all you have to do is find your own and break into it.