New webcam performers often describe their online work with words like “liberating,” “empowering,” and “fun.”  New cam boys and girls talk about the rush they get from their first camming experience — the freedom, the lifestyle, and the money.

Unfortunately, cam models can quickly become disillusioned with their newfound webcam job.  After their LiveJasmin promotion period ends (read my full LiveJasmin Webcam Job Review here), many cam models find themselves in deeper competition.  Suddenly, they’re working twice as hard for half the money!

Burnout.  It happens to the best of us.  Here are common reasons why webcam models get burnt out:

Although burnout is common in almost every type of job, the last point above is not to be taken lightly.  Full-time models make thousands per week, but if you have negative feelings towards men spilling over into your personal life, it’s time to TAKE A BREAK!

The good thing about adult modeling is that you’re free to take a vacation whenever you want.  Most performers do well working 2-3 hours/day (read my other post How Much Do Cam Models Really Earn), so burnout from camming usually comes from the emotional stress rather than fatigue from overworking.

To prevent burnout, you need to distance yourself emotionally from all the bullshit.  In other words, don’t take anything personal.  Ignore the jerks in free chat (kick them out of your room if you have to), take a break when you need one, and focus on what’s important: loving life and making money!

Update: If you’re feeling down from your webcam work and need a bit of motivation, I’ve posted a 2-part series on Getting Motivated. It’s somewhat different from my other tips since the focus is on the psychological aspects of webcam modeling. Have a look at it and feel free to send me your comments or questions here.