I’ve been getting a lot of emails from guys wanting to become webcam models.  The most common questions I get are which cam site is best for gay webcam models, and whether or not cam boys earn as much as the girls.

First, I want to talk about potential earnings for male models. In August 2012, a male webcam performer set the largest single-month payout due in part to a single customer who spent a whopping $86,000+ in one month! This customer continues to favor one of the top male performers and has now spent over $300,000 in his lifetime! So yes, gay cam sites clearly have high earning potential, arguably higher than cam girls.

Another thing to consider about male webcam jobs is the competition. Since there are fewer registered cam boys than girls, male models often find it easier to attract paying members. So your potential earnings as a male cam model is actually higher due to the traffic of visitors. That said, gay cam sites can get really busy and can feel like you’re performing in front of an audience! 

So what do you need to become a successful male webcam model? First and foremost, regardless of whether you are performing gay or “gay for pay”, you need a good personality.  You need to be the kind of guy who is fun to be around. You’ll also need to project the right sexual energy by flirting, posing, and looking your sexiest.  Of course, a nice body will also please your visitors.  So if you have a hard body with six-pack abs, why not show it off and make a ton of money at the same time!

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