livejasmin webcam performersTop earning LiveJasmin webcam performers know how to balance “giving” and “taking.”

Consider this example: in the arena of dating and attraction, there’s a reverse psychological principle at work.  Guys or girls with “game” know how to trigger attraction by taking one-step forward, and then one step back.  For example, a guy might first compliment a girl, but to avoid coming on too strongly, he will make fun of her in a fun and playful way.

In webcam modeling, there are similar games at hand.  Far too often, I see livejasmin models who don’t “give” enough.  It’s all too common – the girl sitting in front of her webcam doing as little as possible while telling her visitors, “pay me for private chat.”

On the other side of the spectrum, I’ve seen performers get right down to business and give free sex shows – even though nudity is strictly prohibited in livejasmin free chat!

Both these examples are easy ways to NOT get paid for your online work.  So here’s what you do: give your guests just enough so that you leave them wanting more. You can give them a sexy ass dance, and then ask if they want to see more.  Show them a bit of skin, then say, “God, I’m so fucking horny right now!  Who wants to watch me cum in private?”

If you don’t give enough, you’ll attract the immature assholes (see my post on Dealing With Abusive Comments).  But if you give too much, you’ll attract the cheap bastards who probably don’t even own a credit card (see my post on How To Deal With Free Chatters).

There’s no nudity in free chat (at least officially in the terms and conditions), but you can still make it “explicit.”  So in free chat, slap your ass, make sexy eye contact, and act like a dirty slut.  Do this right and you’ll get him so turned on that he will be glad to spend his hard earned money on a private show.

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