Transsexual Webcam JobsIn a world becoming desensitized to porn, people often look for something “different” to excite them.  Even 15 years ago, transsexual (TS) porn sites were considered a tiny niche market with little appeal to most adult webmasters and porn makers.  Since then, the demand has skyrocketed and opened up a whole new world of content that has forced even the big players to add some kind of offering for “chicks with dicks” content.  Interestingly, straight guys make up nearly the entire market for this new fetish.

Not surprisingly, the “tranny” webcam industry has also shown an exponential increase in demand, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

So, what’s the deal with transsexual webcam jobs?  Can you really earn thousands per month as a transgendered webcam performer?  Here’s an email I received from one of my subscribers:

“Hi Luke.  Thanks for your message.  What I need is to know is how do TV/crossdressers figure in the webcam models world and any related info.  I have looked at a few sites and some state girl models only, others are specifically gay or bi males and the tv/ts sites seem to have ‘real’ girls in their pages.  I don’t know which site is best for the likes of me?  I wondered if you have any knowledge as to where I should start.  Thanks in advance.”

Here’s my comments:

How Do TV/crossdressers figure in the webcam models world?

They do very well.  A quick glance at the livejasmin home page shows the “Transgendered” category nearly as many performers as the “Boy” category!  Clearly, an excellent job opportunity for any attractive “Tgirl” that’s not afraid to get on cam and show it off.

If you already read my Finding Your Niche post (I bet you didn’t know that the cam “girl” shown on that blog post is in fact a transgendered performer!), you’ll know that taboo and niche specific performers convert better, meaning more clients pay them for private shows.  Most guys with a TS fetish will never pursue it beyond the “fantasy” level, which is why transgendered cam models do so well — live webcam sites provide the perfect fantasy in a safe environment for a price, and some guys are known to literally spend thousands of dollars on their favorite Tgirls!

I don’t know which site is best for the likes of me?

The best exclusive tranny webcam site is MyTrannyCams.  That said, I do NOT recommend you sign up directly through MyTrannyCams.

MyTrannyCams is a partner site of LiveJasmin, meaning both sites are part of the same network.  When a new performer signs up through a LiveJasmin Sponsor Link instead, they will be registered to both Livejasmin AND MyTrannyCams.  This means you can register once and work for both sites at the same time! (Don’t worry, if you’re concerned about privacy, you can still block your area from viewing your profile and webcam.  Just change it in your profile settings page.)

I wondered if you have any knowledge as to where I should start?

In order to maximize traffic and earnings, I strongly suggest you sign up through a sponsor link.

As an affiliate of the LiveJasmin network, I have arranged a special deal with LiveJasmin and MyTrannyCams.  As a sponsored model, not only will you appear on the most visited live video chat site (LiveJasmin), but you will also appear on the largest transsexual site (MyTrannyCams).

Use this sponsor link:


The registration link above will still take you through the LiveJasmin registration page, only this way you will be registered to both LiveJasmin and MyTrannyCams, meaning more visitors, more potential clients, and better paydays.

Happy camming :)

Still have questions about transsexual webcam jobs?  Looking for other TS sites to work for?  Email me –> [email protected]