One of the biggest complaints I get from webcam models is spending too much time in free chat without pay.  It’s too bad there wasn’t a site that would pay you every hour so that you would never waste time…

It might surprise you that there actually is a site just like this.  The site is known as HomeCams.  It has only been around since 2010 so it hasn’t had as much exposure as other sites.   Despite being a new site, it boasts an impressive 3+ million visitors per month! But the real beauty lies in their guaranteed payout system.  Pay attention because the HomeCams webcam job is unlike any other site I’ve worked on.

It uses a payout system that guarantees a minimum fixed hourly wage for new models (first 100 hours).  In other words, no more spending time in free chat without pay! New camgirls are guaranteed $7/hour, male models get $6/hour, and couples get $9/hour.  To qualify for the guaranteed “base salary,” you need to fill out your model profile page (including pictures), work a minimum of 6 hours/week, and must average 25 tokens/hour.  Private Chat rates go from 10 to 25 tokens/min, so you only need to do few shows to be in the guaranteed system.

Now you might think that $7/hour is too low, but keep in mind that the rates above are your minimum base salary ONLY.  After you earn more than your base, you will be paid 40% commission for ALL your private shows — a higher than average model commission.  And when you refer new customers (from social network sites, for example), you get 80% of the total amount billed to your referred customers!

How Does It Work?

HomeCams offers several chat modes, including “Free Chat,” “Members Only Chat,” and “Private Chat.”  You can block free chatters and focus on multiple paying members in “Members Only Chat” or you can earn money 1-on-1 with the high rollers in “Private Chat.”  They also have a unique “Hardcore Themes Show” where you are paid a fixed rate (up to $200) for each performance.

In order to maximize earning potential, you will appear on the entire HomeCams network of sites, including PrivateFeeds, their original site and one of the most popular live cam sites today, as well as 14 niche sites (if category matches) including VIPcams, RealLiveGuys and AllManCams (guys, gays).  You have the option to block your country or specific state/province (US and Canada) so you can block your area without losing out on the entire US market.  You can also block specific sites within the network.

How To Register?

Registration is free and will only take 10 minute.  In most cases, you can start working 2-3 hours after you create your account.

STEP 1 – Visit for the model registration page.

STEP 2 – Enter a nickname, password, and email address.  Click “Create My Account”.

STEP 3 – On the next page, fill out your payment details.

STEP 4 – Submit a copy of your photo ID (must have full name and date of birth).  Click “Save & Continue”.

STEP 5 — Submit model release form and “Confirm”.

Once your application is approved (usually within a few hours), you can start working right away with a guaranteed hourly pay and 40%-80% commission.  Happy camming :)

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