Today’s blog post is a continuation of my How To Build an Adult Webcam Affiliate Site series.

In Part 1, you learned about getting adult-friendly hosting for your adult webcam affiliate site.

Now that you have hosting and a registered domain name, it’s time to create your site using WordPress.  WordPress is a fully-functional and customizable free platform.  The page you’re reading right now was created by WordPress. It’s very simple to use and surprisingly versatile.

Creating Your Site

If you created your hosting account following the instructions in Part 1, you will have received a link to your HostGator control panel, along with your username and password.  This is where you will create your site.

Step 1 – Log in to your HostGator control panel with your username and password.

Step 2 – In your HostGator control panel, click “QuickInstall” under the “Software/Services” section.

Step 3 – On the next page click “WordPress” under “Blog Software” then click “Continue”. Enter your URL address (leave second box blank if don’t already have a site and want WordPress to be your main site), email address, blog title, and name. Click “Install Now!”  You will receive a confirmation email with your WordPress administrator username and password.

Congratulations!  You have successfully built and launched your very own site.  Now you need to customize it.

Customizing Your Site

First, you want to choose a theme.  There are tons of free WordPress themes, and simple to install.

Step 1 – With your WordPress adminstrator username and password, log in to your WordPress adminsatrator panel.

Step 2 – On the left column in your adminstrator panel, select “Themes” under the Appearance header and click on the “Install Themes”.  You can click specific features below or just click on “Find Themes” to browse all themes.

Step 3 – Choose a theme you like and click on “Install”.

Step 4 – On the next page, click “Activate” and your theme will automatically be changed.  If you decide to change your theme later on, you just have to “Install” a new one and “Activate”.


At this point, you have your own customized website.  You will want to play around with different themes and widgets to make it look better, all of which you can install directly from your wordpress adminstrator panel.  Then you need to monetize it by copying and pasting the banner codes from your affiliate programs on to your website.  When someone clicks on your affiliate banners and signs up, you collect a commission.  As you continue to add content to your site, your traffic will continue to grow, along with your commissions.

Need Help?

You now have all the necessary tools to create your own professional adult webcam affiliate website.  If you run into any problems with the steps above, contact me or email directly at [email protected]  I also provide free coaching for model agents who qualify.   Email me for details.

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