There comes a time in every webcam model’s career when performing on webcam becomes more work than fun.  When this happens, many models will quit and look for work in the offline world.  What they don’t realize is that they could be earning a lot more by using their camming experience to make money as an adult webcam affiliate.

Affiliates (also known as “agents” for webcam model recruiters) get paid for signing up new members or models to the adult webcam networks.  AWEmpire (LiveJasmin affiliate site) pays you up to 36% commission for model referrals AND 20% commission FOR LIFE for every new member sign up.  Internet Modeling (Streamate affiliate program) pays you 10% commission FOR LIFE for each and every model you refer! So even recruiting a few models could easily double your earnings!

Besides the high potential earnings, the skills you will gain by learning how to make your own affiliate website (which you will learn shortly) can easily be transferred over into the non-adult business world.  If you’ve ever considered starting your own online business, then an excellent opportunity exists for you right now.

To get started, you will need to sign up as to an affiliate program to get your own affiliate links.  (If you don’t know what an “affiliate program” or “affiliate link” is, then read my How To Make Money With LiveJasmin Affiliate Links posts.)  You can then make commissions by posting your affiliate links on Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and forums.  All these methods have been proven to be effective.

But ultimately, if you want consistent payouts that will continually grow month after month, then you will need your own website.  Don’t worry, building a website is NOT hard.  And with today’s free site building software, anyone can afford it.

I’ve broken down the entire process of “How To Make An Adult Webcam Affiliate Site” into two important steps.  Each step below will be devoted to its own blog post:

  1. How to get adult-friendly hosting
  2. How to create a site with WordPress

My next couple of blog posts are going to be my most ambitious to date.  I’m going to give it to you straight — everything you need to know about building your own successful affiliate site in step-by-step details.

I’ve decided to do this as a way to say thank you.  The feedback I’ve received from webcam models has been phenomenal.  And for those wondering, I have NEVER taken a commission from any of my models’ earnings.  The only commissions I get paid are from the affiliate companies, none of which are taken out from model earnings.

Stay tuned for part 1 in tomorrow’s post where I’ll be talking about getting adult-friendly hosting for your adult webcam affiliate site.

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