Whether you’re already a webcam model or are considering becoming one, job safety is (or at least should be) your number one concern.

Some adult cammers are totally cool with their private shows going all over the internet.  After all, it’s more model exposure which can only help them get more clients.  But from the response I’ve gotten from my readers, the majority of new webcam performers are concerned with protecting their privacy.

So how do you know if you’re working for a trustworthy site?  Is there any way to guarantee your safety?

Below is a check list I compiled to address your privacy and safety issues for webcam modeling and working in the adult industry in general.

Choosing Your Site

Does the site require copies of legal documents before you start work? You may feel uncomfortable sending copies of your ID over the internet, but the fact is that this information is used for your own protection.   Any adult company that does NOT ask for proof of age should be avoided at all costs.

Do you see a “Contact” page, “Privacy Policy” page, and a “U.S.C. 2257” statement on the website? While researching webcam jobs, I came across a cam site where the contact page directed me to a “404 Page Not Found.”  WTF!?  How can I trust a company if I can’t even contact them?  There should also be a “Privacy Policy” and, if the site allows nudity, a “18 U.S.C2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Complicance Statement” somewhere on the home page.  If any of these are missing, you’re working for an illegal company.

Protecting Your Privacy

Does the site give you the option to block your webcam and profile? Some sites can be quite vague in details until AFTER you sign up.  To stay on the safe side, I recommend that new models sign up to LiveJasmin (at least until you’re ready to webcam for multiple sites).  LiveJasmin has become the global leader in adult video chat with model safety at the top of their priority.  Whatever site you choose, it’s always best to contact them directly when in doubt of privacy options.

Never give out personal information. This includes your name, address, and city in both free chat and paid chat.  I also suggest you sign up with a different email address which can be used only for your webcam related work.

Accepting The Risks

You’re never 100% protected. I wish I could give you a 100% guarantee that your privacy will be protected, but there’s always a chance that your viewer will record your show with some kind of video hacking software (read The Untold Truth of Webcam Modeling).  To be fair, this is extremely unlikely, and not once have I heard of any LiveJasmin performer getting “found out” unless they either told someone or failed to update their privacy settings correctly.

Are you sure this is for you? I mean, are you really ok with getting online and masterbating in front of strangers?  The money can be good.  In fact, it can be great (read How Much Do Cam Models Make? and Is LiveJasmin a Scam?).  But just like starting any new job, it’s important you do your research before you register as a cam girl or cam boy.

Still have questions or concerns about webcam model safety?  Please fill out the contact form or email me directly at [email protected]

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