Just over a year ago, I posted an article entitled 3 Reasons You Should NOT Become an Independent Webcam Model.  In this article, I talked about the high cost involved with setting up your own cam site and the time and energy needed to grow your camming business.

So why would you want to become an independent cammer?  The money, that’s why!

There comes a time in every serious webcam model’s career when paying 45% to 70% of your income just doesn’t seem fair anymore.  Unlike working for the “big” cam sites, independent camgirls get 100% commission from members!  That said, I don’t recommend you work independently until you first get experience with the beginner friendly sites (read my LiveJasmin Job Review and Webcam Jobs For Male Performers).

The good news is that becoming an independent cam girl (or boy) is now easier than you think.  My friend Alex at iCamModel offers a unique (and incredibly affordable!) service that you will NOT find anywhere else online.  If you ever thought about becoming an independent webcam model but weren’t sure where to start, then Alex is your go-to guy.

Basically, you will get your own fully-functional website where, once it’s setup, you will get ALL the money from your members.  No more sharing your commissions!  But this service is much more than just getting your own cam site.  The skills you will learn from Alex can be easily transferred over to any online business.  You’ll learn about domain names, getting hosting, building websites, blogging, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Google, adding pictures and videos to your site, etc.  In other words, this service will give you all the tools you need to become an independent camgirl AND online business owner!

Here’s a video from independent camgirl RoselynnLocks.  She talks about her experience working with Alex:

To learn more about this service from iCamModel.com, visit the “Become Independent Cam Girl” sales page here.

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