Today’s topic is going to be a little different from my other blog entries.  It’s not something you’d expect to find in my Web Cam Model Tips category, yet it’s perhaps the most important and overlooked factor in a cam model’s success.  That’s right, I’m talking about MOTIVATION.

There are two things that motivate web cam models: inspiration and desperation.  Let’s look at these two motivation strategies and how they can affect your online work.

Inspiration — Motivated TOWARDS

On the inspiration side are people motivated TOWARDS their goals.  These people tend to ask questions like, “What am I going to have to do today to get closer to the things I really desire in my life?”  The thought of pleasure and rewards pulls them like a magnet towards taking action to achieve goals.

Desperation — Motivated AWAY FROM

On the desperation side are people motivated AWAY FROM current negative conditions.  Think of when the alarm clock goes off and you think, “Oh no, let me sleep a little more,” and you hit then snooze button.  Ten minutes later, it goes off again and you think, “No big deal, I’ll skip breakfast today,” as you hit the snooze button again.  Ten minutes later, it goes off again, this time you think “I have to get up now or I’ll be LATE!”  In your mind, your boss is yelling at you, threatening to fire you.  This mental image motivates you to think “OK, OK, I’ll get up now.”  It’s not so much the taste of success that pulls you forward, but rather the distaste of what could happen.

We are all motivated by one of these two motivation strategies.  Neither one is “better” than the other; it’s more of a personality thing.  For me, I’m motivated towards my goals.

When I started this blog seven months ago, I decided that I would create the best web cam model resources blog online.  My goal was to delve into the nuts and bolts of what really makes a successful webcam performer, instead of just the “get rich quick” schemes and empty promises that most sites are raving about.  I wanted to give you REAL advice to help you MAKE REAL MONEY.

As webcam models, the motivation is generally making money.  Yet, despite how much cam models really earn, very few people are actually motivated to take the first step.  So why is that?  You’d think that financial success and achievement would be so attractive that people would have no problems motivating themselves.

The truth is that motivation isn’t some secret formula available only to professional athletes or motivation speakers.  Rather, it’s a simple mental strategy that anyone can learn to use right away.

Ask yourself, What motivates YOU?  Are you taking the required steps to move you closer to your dreams?  If no, why not?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I’ll be showing you step-by-step how to get motivated to go online and make more money.  Don’t miss it!

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