Are webcam model jobs only for English speakers?  Are performer earnings lower if your English isn’t so great?

First of all, let’s think about what webcam modeling is. First and foremost, it’s called webcam MODELING, meaning your physical appearance will be the FIRST thing visitors will consider when choosing a performer to chat with.

Second, live sex chat is NOT the same as phone sex.  The visual presentation is a huge element in a model’s earnings (see my post on Sexy Environment with Proper Lighting).

Third, even if you can only speak basic English, you can still learn some sexy phrases in a short time.

Japan’s #1 sex cam site, SakuraLive, is a Japanese webcam model site with clients from Japan, America, and Europe.  Many of the models can only speak basic English, but the site has integrated a translator box of quick phrases they can use.  Things like, “Do you want me to strip for you?” or “Want to watch me dildo my pussy?”  This helps models get more clients since they have a quick and easy list of useful phrases by a simple mouse click.

SakuraLive is also currently hiring non-Japanese models for their network of sites. The demand for ‘gaijin’ (foreigner) models, particularly the Americans, is huge for the Japanese clientele.  Japanese clients — probably because they’re too shy to talk to girls in real life — are known to spend ridiculous amounts of money on their favorite American cam girls.

There are other sites as well that focus on non-English speaking performers.  For example, RIVCams is the dominant site in the Italian market.  Just be aware that they will NOT pay you until you reach the minimum payout of 300 Euros!  That said, if you can speak Italian and are serious about camming, you should definitely check this one out.

I’m sure there are other non-English sites (if you know of any, please let me know), but the most “international” site is LiveJasmin. With over 40,000 registered performers in 17 official languages, LiveJasmin accepts models from every country, even non-English speakers!

So what if your English isn’t perfect? Don’t worry, you can still make big money with webcam jobs.  Here’s how:

1 — Buy a phrase book, preferably a “dirty talk” phrase book. Not only can you be making money talking dirty, but you can be improving your English at the same time.

2 — Speak in a sexy voice tone. Even if your English pronunciation is “bad,” members think exotic accent are “cute” or “sexy.”

3 — Use a LOT of effective body language. Get good at expressing yourself with your body, not just your words.  Adult camming is very visual, and a provocative strip show can be worth more than a thousand perfect English words.

Learn more about webcam jobs by reading my LiveJasmin Review and Sakuralive Job Review.

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