While browsing through some adult forums, I came across some interesting LiveJasmin performer statistics that I thought would interest you.

Based on historical data from an XML feed since 2007, below are statistical facts about webcam performers registered at LiveJasmin.

Model Lifespan

Fact: Over 50% of livejasmin performers work less than 3 months.

Opinion: This is not surprising if you think about it.  Most new models get into the webcam industry thinking they found the quick and easy way to get rich (see my post on Is Webcam Modeling a Real Job?).  The monthly payouts can be incredible (read How Much Do Cam Models Really Earn and Is LiveJasmin a Scam?), but just like any other “real” job, you need to put in the effort and time required to be a high earning model.

Models who continue working past the 3 month period will usually make a decent full-time salary working part-time.  The trick is to set a long-term goal and stick with it (read my Avoiding Burnout post).

Category Segmentation

Fact: 55% of livejasmin performers are female, 30% are male, and the remaining 15% fall under the “shemale” and “couple” categories

Opinion: Forget the “cam girl” stereotype, over 30% are male webcam performers, and another 8% are transsexual performers.  As the industry continues to grow, more and more guys will look to webcam modeling as a way to make money online, either as a full-time or part-time job.

Performer Activity

Fact: Mature webcam performers are the most active with an average of 79 hours online per month, while “boy” category models are the least active averaging 29 hours/month.

Opinion: “Mommy” or mature webcam performers are making good money!  If you’re a single mother, mature woman, or just someone who loves to live life as an adventure, then an excellent opportunity exists for you right now.  There’s serious cash to be made, just be sure to set realistic goals and expectations (read Tough Love For Cam Models).

The other interesting point to note is that the “boy” performers work the fewest hours.  There’s good reason for this as the demand for “boys” is lower than the demand for “gays.”  I talk about choosing the best male category in my gay or “gay for pay” post.

I guess the other reason for lower male webcam hours is simply because guys can’t fake orgasms as easily as cam girls can.  Guys also need to work harder to stay erect and appear aroused. So guys, when you’re in private getting paid per minute, make sure you control the pace, so to speak

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