Here’s an email I got recently from one of my readers:

“Hey Luke, explain this to me.  Im doing everything you told me to do in your blog.  Im not thin or sexy by any means, but Im playful, flirty, and try not to show how stressed I am, but I only get jerks who don’t want to pay me for private shows.  I just worked 3 hours and made a lousy $25, that’s barely even minimum wage!!!  What am I doing wrong here?”

Obviously, something is wrong.  Time for some tough love.  Here’s what I think:

“Im not thin or sexy by any means”

“Average” looking cam models can (and do) make a lot of money.  But let’s be completely honest — models who fit the porn star body type will earn more.  On top of that, cam models who THINK they are sexy will make more money.  Confidence is a HUGE element in webcam modeling (read The Sexually Confident Webcam Model and Getting Motivated).

I recently helped sign up an 18 year old first year College student from the USA.  She had absolutely NO experience with adult camming, but she was very in tune to men and knew how to convey her sexual confidence.  She made just over $3000 in her first month online.  (She has since moved on from cam modeling to focus on her education.)

“Im playful, flirty, and try not to show how stressed I am

The competition for cam models can be fierce, and acting fun and flirty is a MUST in webcam modeling (I talk all about it in my video, The 3 Things You Need To Succeed).  You don’t have to have a smoking hot body to get private shows, but attraction isn’t something we choose.  Put yourself in the mindset of a paying member for a second: if you could choose between an OK looking cam girl, or a stunningly beautiful cam girl — who would you choose to pay for a private show?

“I only get jerks who don’t want to pay me for private shows.

Dealing with jerks is one of those things that come along with the job.  Keep in mind that only 15% of LiveJasmin members will ever pay up for a private show, so you will need to learn to be touch enough to handle the immature “boys.” With more experience, you’ll get better at knowing which customers to focus on, and which to ignore (read Dealing with Free Chatters, Understanding Your Customers, and Avoiding Burnout).

The stories you read about cam models making thousands per week are true (read LiveJasmin Scam? and How Much Do Cam Models Really Earn, but as you can see, cam modeling is NOT for everyone.  The only way to know if YOU have what it takes is to try it out for yourself. Who knows, maybe you will even like it :)

Learn more about the adult webcam industry by reading my LiveJasmin Webcam Job Review, Should You Become a Webcam Model, and 3 Tips for New LiveJasmin Performers.

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