Your attitude is the single most important element when it comes to being a top earning webcam model.  I’ve seen girls sit in front of their webcam unmoving and expressionless.  I’ve watched girls literally beg customers for tips with things like, “PLEASE TIP ME!  I NEED TO PAY MY RENT!” as if that’s going to persuade guys to tip them.

If customers get the feeling that nobody else is paying you, then chances are they won’t want to either.  And it’s not because they’re being cheap — some LiveJasmin members are literally paying thousands of dollars per week on their favorite webcam model!  The problem has to do with the performer’s perceived attitude.

Models who spend a lot of time in paid private chat have similar traits.  For one thing, they’re not boring or rude.  I’ve seen cam girls saying, “OK you cheap bastards!  I don’t want to waste my time anymore!  Take me to private.”  Surprise, surprise — nobody paid her for a private show.

Then there are models that really “get it” (read my interviews with Emma Lovett, Never Nude, and Natalia Nova).  They interact with their customers by flirting with their voice tone and body language. They welcome new guests to their room by saying, “Hi (name), how’s it going?”  They remember names of their visitors by writing them down so they won’t forget.  And they’re good at Playing The Field by spreading their attention across the room.

The way you act in free chat tells your guests what they can expect in private chat.  Most webcam models have the attitude of “I will only start working when someone pays me.”  Whereas top webcam models have the attitude of “I will try my best, even if it’s in free chat.”

Every time you’re online in front of your webcam, you want to feel positive, outgoing, and sexy.  Keep this winning attitude in free chat at all times, and you’ll get more tips, more private time, and more regular clients.

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