A cam model’s earnings are based on the skills they develop and the effort they put into it their online work.  An experienced cam girl will generally earn more than a new cam girl, but there are exceptions.  For example, I recently helped sign up a new model who made over $300 in her very first day. Not bad for someone who has never webcammed before!

Now we’ve all heard the stories of top webcam models making salaries similar to that of a CEO or company executive. But in terms of averages, it’s not uncommon for new models to make about $500/week working 20 hours.  It really depends on how much time you put into it and how quick you are to get customers into private shows. $100 for 3-4 hours is an OK amount, but with more experience, you should be making $50/hour or more. (Learn more about the average cam model salary from actual LiveJasmin performers here).

Besides looking sexy in front of your cam, confidence is also a HUGE factor in how much you will make (read The Sexually Confident Webcam Model).  So not only do you need to look the part, but you must play the part (read my other posts on Keeping The Fantasy Alive, Playing The Field, Impressing Non-Chatters, Dealing with Free-Chatters, Understanding Your Customers, and Dealing With Abusive Comments to understand what I mean by “play the part”).

The first step to maximizing your payouts (assuming you’ve already signed up with one of the popular cam sites) is to set a weekly schedule and stick to it.  More experienced models should also consider working for more than one site at the same time as this can potentially double your earnings.

At the end of the day, how much you earn will depend on you and how bad YOU WANT IT.  The main reason why so many cam models love what they do is simple:  when you make a big pay check, you know it’s because YOU earned it.  And if you ask me, I much rather have it this way than slaving away for some boss.

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