I’ve been getting emails from cam models wanting to work independent of the popular adult cam networks.  It’s not necessarily a bad idea. After all, independent models do get 100% commission from their clients. But are you prepared to invest your money? And time?

Here are 3 reasons why you should NOT become an independent cam model:

Membership sites are expensive

The cost to set up your own cam model membership site can be expensive. If you pay for a professional SEO to write and design a website, you can expect to pay $2000 to $5000. (If you’re on a budget, I’ve written three posts about how to build your own website using HostGator and WordPress.)

Another option is paying for special video chat software. This too, however, is expensive and will cost you over $200/month.

Lack of visitors and paying members

So let’s say you pay for or set up your own membership website and are now ready to accept payments from visitors. But how will people know about your site if you don’t market it? There are literally thousands of independent cam model sites out there.  And unless you already have a large fan base, you will need to work hard to not only find regular customers, but keep them too.

Putting content on site will cost you

You can’t expect to get have members coming back to your site unless you have high quality photos and videos.  This is almost impossible to do by yourself, so you will need to hire a photographer.  This will also set you back financially.


Starting off as an independent cam girl or cam boy is difficult and will take a lot of time and dedication. Especially if you’ve never even tried camming. However, there are faster and easier ways to make money as a beginning webcam model. Sites like LiveJasmin make it easy for any person to make money online. Although LiveJasmin will take a model commission from you (all cam sites do), they will also do most the work for you! (Read my LiveJasmin Job Review.) In other words, you can focus your energy on what’s important: making a lot of money by flirting with horny guys.

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