So you’ve done your research about the cam modeling business and you’re thinking about giving it a try. Just log in into your livejasmin account and start making loads of money, right? But surely it can’t be that easy. Or can it?

Let’s be honest, webcam modeling is not what you’d call a “normal” job. Just “showing up” for work is not enough. Webcam performers who make the most money are also the ones who are enjoying their camming work. And the faster you figure this out, the faster you’ll start making real money.

So here’s what you do. When you log on to the network, switch on your fun and sexy personality.  For example, you can look directly into your webcam to give your viewers a sense of rapport.  Try to flirt with your words and seduce with your body language. You can smile, lick your lips seductively, or grab your tits.  Remember, you are the entertainment and this is NOT the time to sit in front of your webcam with a non-responsive look on your face.

Think of it this way: you are being paid to flirt with guys, and what could be more fun than that? Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to stay this positive. After all, it is quite common for models to get verbally attacked in free chat (read my Dealing With Abusive Comments post). There will be times when that one annoying visitor will get on your nerves. He will do anything to get your attention, even if it means trying to find that one thing about your appearance that makes you feel most self conscious. Luckily, many sites give you the option of blocking any unwanted visitors from entering free chat (read my LiveJasmin webcam job review). But since every visitor is a potential paying customer, it’s also a good idea to not be too hasty about kicking them out.

So how do you stay positive? Don’t take anything personally.  Instead of thinking of your webcam job as “work,” think of it like this: You’re here to have fun!  You like you job. And you LOVE the money it brings in.  Keep this is mind at all times and you should have no problems finding and keeping paying clients.

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