There is a misconception about what customers are looking for in a web cam model.  I get emails every day from people wanting to become a new model.  They ask me things like:

  • “Am I sexy enough to be a model?”
  • “Is my cock big enough?”
  • “Are my tits too small?”

It’s true that sexually attractive cam girls and cam guys generally make more money, at least on average.  But by no means is web cam modeling only about looking sexy.

Web cam modeling offers viewer a very different experience than a porn movie.  Customers get the chance to interact with models by asking them questions and making sexual requests.  The more creative and alluring ways you can respond to your customers, the better the chance of getting them to pay you for private shows. In other words, adult camming is about creating a personalized fantasy.

Today I wanted to give you some tips on how to keep the fantasy alive by saying “yes” to your customers’ requests, even though what you really mean is “no.”  You can’t always give them what they want, but you can always lead them on to think that you will:

  • Customer: “you like anal?”
  • Cam Model: “I’ve never tried it before, will you take me to private if I try for you?”
  • Customer: “will you do girl-on-girl in private for me?”
  • Cam Model: “I did live sex shows with my girlfriend before, and with my boyfriend too. But I’d really like if you cum and get to know me first…”
  • Customer: “TAKE IT OFF!”
  • Cam Model: “I’d love to take this off for you…and many other kinky and naughty things. Want to come see?”
  • Customer: “Hey handsome man, what’s your email?”
  • Cam Model: “sorry, I only give out my email to exclusive private members. But if you come visit me in private, I promise to make you hot and horny…”
  • Customer: “Do you provide any escort services?”
  • Cam Model: “I can’t talk about that in free chat. Visit me in private and let’s talk! Xoxo”

The tips above may appear basic, but you’d be surprised how simple an effective text message can be. It’s no guarantee they will take you to private, but it’s a great way to flirt. And sometimes that’s all you need to convince them you’re worth their time and money.

For more webcam modeling tips and a free training video, visit my home page and find out how you can become a sponsored model.

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