In the world of pick up artists, Playing the Field is a term that means casually dating multiple partners at the same time.  It means keeping your options open, and not giving all your attention to one person.  It might seem counter-intuitive, but by Playing the Field, you actually become more attractive since you’re conveying a more fun and challenging personality.

In webcam modeling, you also need to Play the Field.  Sometimes there are simply too many visitors in free chat to give them personalized attention, so you’ll want to direct them as a crowd.

You can say something like:

  • “I’m soooo horny right now!”
  • “I need somebody to fuck me NOW!”
  • “I haven’t touched myself in 5 days!  Somebody PLEASE make me cum!”
  • “I’m not here to make money, I’m just dirty little slut who likes to get naughty!”
  • “I just broke up with my boyfriend. Who wants a piece of this ass?”

Addressing the group as a whole has a subtle psychological message that conveys “I’m in high demand.  If you want private time with this webcam model, you will need to pay up.” Of course when there are fewer visitors, you will want to give more personalized attention to each of them.

Another good cam modeling practice is to always acknowledge new visitors in free chat.  The focus must be on the customer, even if he’s a jerk who shows up saying something like “SHOW ME YOUR TITS!!”

You can still be playful and polite and respond with something like:

  • “Show you my tits? Aren’t you going to say hi to me first? ”

You always want to keep a positive approach.  Your visitors need to know that you are really having fun.  So be sure to put some humor in there too:

  • “I’d love to show you my tits, but what are you going to do for me first? ”

And when you do strike a nerve with one of your comments, keep going with it.  Let them join in on the fantasy with you.  This way they’ll choose you over the other “ordinary” camgirls.

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