Today I wanted to talk about something known as “buzz.” In cam modeling terms, buzz is the number of visitors in free chat that are eager to see you strip or play with yourself, with or without having to pay you.

Visitors in free chat have different ways to get your attention: they will type in all CAPS, they will try to trick you into getting naked by saying they’ll go private after you strip, or they might even verbally attack you.  All of this contributes to the buzz of having many visitors compete for your attention.  It can be annoying, but you want to create as much buzz as possible AND ignore it at the same time.

Most adult cam sites are structured around the concept of free chat.  Visitors get a chance to chat with sexy cam models for free; and models get the chance to seduce them into the paid private room. Your success as a camgirl or camboy will depend on your ability to attract, entice, and keep your clients coming back to you for as long as possible.  It’s a numbers game.  The more buzz you can create — the more visitors you have in free chat — the more chances you’ll have of getting new paying clients.

The best way to create buzz in free chat is to hold your visitors’ attention.  To do this you need to focus on why they’re visiting you in the first place.  Adult video chat sites are based on sexual and erotic overtones.  It’s a good idea to get to know your clients on a more personal level, but always bring the topic back to sex.  There will be clients who are primarily interested in getting to know the real you, while others are there to be “entertained.”

To keep it sexy, you need to be aware of your body language, facial expressions, and choice of words.  Dance in seductive ways.  Give them a flash every now and then.  Blow them a sexy kiss and give them a flirty smile.  If a visitor is being rude, ignore him.  Keep the focus on yourself and conveying your sexiest version of yourself.  Remember, you are a webcam PERFORMER, and it’s up to you act the part by creating an inspiring performance for your visitors.

The more buzz you can create, the more guys you will have competing for you.  You want guys to get jealous.  You want them to be the “saviour” type who will take you to private chat away from the other annoying visitors. Remember, you are the prize, and as such, you need to fulfill your visitors’ expectations.  This is how you create cam modeling buzz.  And this is how you become a successful cam model with a fan club of regular paying clients.

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